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Carbon 2185 | Interlinked PDF

Carbon 2185 | Interlinked PDF

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A new experimental synth was injured and left for dead following an industrial accident at a food processing plant. The Nightingale model was slated for disposal and shipped back to a Villeneuve Robotics reclamation facility. On arrival, however, the synth was secretly removed from the facility. Unknown to the management of either facility the chief mechanic at Frisco’s, Thomas ‘Willy’ Williams, has established a relationship with the synth and can’t bear to see her destroyed. She reaches out to the cyberpunks for help in getting revenge on the corporations that have abandoned her, and to free her trapped synth brethren. She resents humanity and especially the corporations that created her, but she knows she needs allies in the process of gaining that freedom.

Interlinked places the cyberpunks in an escalating series of events that starts as a simple smash and grab job and ends with the punks taking a crucial role in a full blown synth rebellion. There are twists and turns along the way that nobody will see coming and will keep the cyberpunks on their toes.

This series of missions has been designed to feel like an episodic drama and features recurring characters and plot lines that draw the cyberpunks into the drama and get them personally invested in the story.

This mission book is suitable for cyberpunks starting at either 1st or 2nd level.

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