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Carbon 2185 | KHMA Catalogue PDF

Carbon 2185 | KHMA Catalogue PDF

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Greatly increase the player options found in Carbon 2185!

Featuring breathtaking illustrations of each new weapon, armor, item, and augmentation, as well as the technical stats, the prices, and a short sales blurb for each item.

If you believe their marketing, KHMA is the true cyberpunk brand, and that everyone who buys from their competitors is a poser.

  • 12 new state of the art weapons for the discerning cyberpunk
  • 13 brand new sets of armor and accessories
  • 12 versatile augmentations to make your punk unique
  • 5 exciting items that add new ways to play Carbon 2185

This brings you over 1800 new unique combinations of weapons, armor, and augmentations!

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